How do I choose a therapist?

If you’ve not been in psychotherapy previously there are some things you might not be aware of that can be helpful to making your decision about which practitioner to choose. Psychotherapy can be an intimate sharing of very vulnerable aspects of your self, your life, and your relationships. It is important to feel that you are entering this process with someone whom you experience as a good “fit” for you. We need to feel understood, respected, cared for by the individual we choose to open up with in this intimate way. The style or orientation of the therapy can be important, also. Is the therapist’s framework or model a good fit as well?

All therapy is not practiced in the same way. There are as many ways to practice psychotherapy as there are therapists. We each bring our uniqueness to the work that we do. Understanding this can be as critical to your decision as whether a therapist is on the list that your insurance company provides.

I encourage you to consider all the factors when making a decision that is as important to your health and well-being as entering into a psychotherapy process.